Shiloh Methodist Church
Shiloh is described in the Bible as a place where people gathered to worship, for feasts, and for offering sacrifice. Shiloh was a holy place where the high priest Eli served. It is also where the Ark of the Covenant rested, until Shiloh was captured by the Philistines, and the place where the prophet, Samuel, was raised.

Shiloh UMC, our church, is where people come to gather; a holy place in our lives. It is where we come to worship, to feast, to celebrate, to grow closer to God and to raise up future generations for the Glory of the Lord.

Shiloh is a special place of loving, caring, giving and sharing. All who enter are considered family, drawing closer to each other and to our God. A family of believers striving to make an impact on the lives of this community and the world around us in the Name of Jesus Christ.