Shiloh United Methodist Church
Shiloh UMC
5970 Cobbham Rd
Appling, GA 30802
Shiloh Family, Wow has it been over two months already, where has the time
gone, it seems like only yesterday when I arrived. I still have so many of you
that I want to visit. Just as an update, I did start a fulltime job with
Community Action in Augusta. It is only temporary until December then I
will be looking at my options and budget in order to be able to finish my
dissertation for my doctorate and to give more time to the church.
Hopefully I can find a part time position that will fulfill those goals, but all is
in the Lord’s hands. Thank you for your encouraging words and willingness
to “Live in the Spirit”.
Please remember the victims of Hurricane Harvey, the devastation is great.
I have many family members in Houston (graduated from high school there)
appear to be fine at the moment. You can donate to this effort by going to the
UMCOR website (follow the links or mark your donation in
an envelope at UMCOR #4390 and put in the offering plate. 100% of donations
go to the disaster effort.

- Pastor Shirley Suarez
Message from the Pastor